Roller Derby for Girls

Roller Derby for Girls

Roller Derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction around a track, they have all kinds of matches whilst doing so. Basically one of the teams needs to be the fastest; the players are very rough with each other in order to accomplish a win. Roller skating marathons became populair in the 1930s, just like the dance marathons. Roller Derby is a sport with a high entertaiment value; the same kind the american wrestling matches have.

The black and white image is made at a Roller Derby match in 1948, taken from Time/Life Magazine. (read the article and see more images here at
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God of the Gym Paul Hunt

God of the Gym Paul Huntpaul-hunt

Rocking the balance beam: Paul Hunt, aka Pauletta Huntesque or Pauletta Huntenvova at the Gala ‘Les dieux de la Gym’  (Gods of the Gym) in 1996. (images via Hunts

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A Selfie and a Parachute

A Selfie and a Parachutetumblr_o92pd9zGrt1qz4txfo1_1280

A selfportrait with meaning. Photography by Willi Ruge, 1931.

Dieser Augenblick war entscheidend . . ./This Moment Was Decisive . . .
Ich fotografiere mich beim Absturz mit dem Fallschirm/ from the series I Photograph Myself during a Parachute Jump
(Abbaspour, Mitra, Lee Ann Daffner, and Maria Morris Hambourg.
Object:Photo. Modern Photographs: The Thomas Walther Collection 1909–1949 at The Museum of Modern Art. December 8, 2014.
It’s things-from-the-past-you-should-see-week, an educational program at Mimi Berlin.



Meet Angry John McEnroe

Arguing with the referee in 1981.Meet Angry John McEnroeYou cannot be serious. A quote from John McEnroe in needlepoint!! (via Myrtle & Eunice)

Classic McEnroe outburst. John McEnroe v Tom Gullikson at Wimbledon in 1981. Umpire was Edward James. Mr McEnroe not only had such an outburst in 1981, no, he had many more; watch them on youtube, it’s fun!


Resort 2016 Fashion Shows: Looks

Resort 2016 Fashion Shows: Looks

Black and white (Minimal und Frilly)

Pastel (Frilly und Minimal)




Checks and minimals (Clean und Romantic)

Flowers (Romantic und Clean)

Decisions, Decisions.
We chose one favorite look from (almost) every designer showing the Resort 2015 season, featured on, and tried to incorporate as many brands as possible, choosing one look only.

Why? Sometimes it’s good to test yourself. We think it’s important to see what happens when you approach things differently than you’re used to. So we zoomed in on the runway Looks instead of the complete collections, like we normally do. Funny thing is; this way we come up with only “usual-suspect” trends: boring! We did look at designers we have never seen before, that’s less boring but also very time consuming, and we all know time=money 😉
Conclusion: We will never again let go of our experience and knowledge about fashion trends, brands and designers. The way we spot our trends is the right way and the fun way!

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