Yesterday we attended the opening night of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. We went to see the Wet ‘n Wild-show of MaryMe-JimmyPaul, “a designer duo that pushes the boundaries between art and fashion.” so says Carlo Wijnands, director of the Amsterdam Fashion Week.mimi_berlin_AFW_1-25

The designers made great effort to realize an overpowering show concept. Together with Pinar and Viola and sponsor Vodaphone they created an app with which the audience could vote by choosing love or hate while the outfits passed by. The results could be seen on the digital backdrop, at the end we got to see the winner and the loser. The losing outfit was our favorite by the way. (got’s to be honest about that)

For professional catwalk photo’s of this show best go to Team Peter Stgter

The clothes were very colorful, all printed or made of feathers. MaryMe-JimmyPaul showed us their dreamworld: sweet, sugar, fluffy, soft, feathery, little, pony, and sassy were words that came to mind when the first model strutted her stuff. She wore (or was) an enormous ice cream, the skirt was made with marabou feathers turned into scoops, Fun!
The word sex came to mind while watching the lilac-pigtailed-with-bangs-model wearing over-the-knee-boots, designed by Merryl Tielman, with white-leather-booty-reveiling-hot-pants and a fluffy-white-marabou-jacket……(VAVOOM!) Okay, enough with describing things you just need to see, enjoy!

See our party snaps made at the AFW Opening Night HERE

AFW Opening Night

Yesterday we attended the opening night of the 18th edition of the Amsterdam Fashion Week; the People of the Labyrinths show.

(photo: Team Peter Stigter, courtesy of Fashion & Lifestyle Press Office M-PR)
We got to see an overview of everything P.O.T.L. ever designed. Divided in 3 segments: P.O.T.L. Archives (clothing dating back from up to 30 years ago). A-MAZE, their “younger” brand and P.O.T.L. for Summer 2013.

(photo: Team Peter Stigter)

The Archives were incroyable, there were so many outfits with so much to see. Shapes, fabrics, prints, accessoiries, men, women… with colourful western bootsused as core styling prop. After a 5 seconds black-out A-Maze started showing.
A-maze is the new line, designed by Lonneke Démoed, which carries fashion for a more younger, trendy audience. Again, so much to see; layers and layers of clothing, detailed jerseys, mixed, bold prints… And all models styled differently,
wearing sleazy,à la Die Antwoord, accessoiries. Again the 5 seconds black-out, and there were the romantic redheaded models wearingP.O.T.L. They walked the runway in a very chique and angelic look forthe Summer of 2013, lots of flowing silk passed us by. Our favorites were thetonal printed silk,draped dresses in nude shades.

Hans Démoed told us that these dresses had quite a similarshape to the ones from the Archives. We didn’t notice that ourselves, probably because of the huge difference in fabric weight. Enfin, that knowledge sure is a nice round-up for the first show P.O.T.L. gave in The Netherlands for quite some time. And for our story as well.

Sponsored by Phodavofe; P.O.T.L.made use of Facebook to recruit models with Red Hair.We think that’sa very clever way ofincorporating a sponsor! You must know;redheads are always favorite at
P.O.T.L. and, obviously, Vophapone’s main color is red as well.About 12 non-prof models made it to the runway.

vacuum packed goodiebag: gloves, perfume and a P.O.T.L. T-shirt.

A collectable t-shirt, for front-row guestsonly.

As always we had our share of fun!

Texting the babysitter: we’ll have one more drink…..

The last ones to leave the Gashouderbuilding.Click HERE for more before and after the show pics.

Bright Metallics

In wintertime, when the days are shorter than short in Europe, it’s paramount to get noticed while walking the streets. Par example; in the city of Berlin there are only 7 hours of light per day. Unfortunately Burberry Prorsum brings its metallic look for next summer. Never mind, we’ll make do with the metallic patent leather loafers by Jil Sander.

Burberry Prorsum, Ready to wear, Spring 2013 (

Kobe Metallic family Lampshades from Innermost

Vogue 1969

Winter 2012, Helmut metallic loafers from Jil Sander comes in more colours €450 (buy)