Gaetano Pesce’s Up Chair Celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Gaetano Pesce designed the Up Series in 1969, so this year B&B Italia celebrates the 50th Anniversary of this iconic chair set. During Milan Design Week 2019 the showroom at the Brera Design District was filled to the rim with the armchair and pouf UP5_6, upholstered in green and beige stripes. A lovely installation which made us, at Mimi Berlin, very happy!

Suffering Majesty at Piazza del Duomo

The celebration of the “la Mamma’ chair continued at the Piazza del Duomo, where a humongous larger-than-life in salmon-pink replica of the chair is pierced with arrows and is surrounded by wild animals. The art-sculpture is named ‘Suffering Majesty’ and is made to continue the conversation on violence against women in Italy. It will be present until April 14th 2019.

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Humongous Straw Summer Hats

Humongous Straw Summer Hats

Do you know the feeling when it get’s too hot on the beach but you don’t want to leave? (yes, that happens) Too much sun can be very uncomfortable; being busy covering yourself constantly in SP factor 5000 (which is allegedly unhealthy so we have read, but that’s an other story) and being scared that the pigment spots in your face will turn you into Marsupilami… We found the images above on the web: These Humongous (Striped) Straw Summer Hats are THE solution for a restful time at the beach on a sunny day! And SO stylish as well…. win-win

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Rüpert von Rom’s Must see of the month: Jessica Eaton

Must see of the month is Canadian photographer Jessica Eaton.

I don’t think I have to use many words to convince you this is great. Well, maybe when you are not a big fan of colorful art. But who is that bitter? I can name a few come to think of it. But let’s not go there.-
Just look her up, she does have exhibitions from time to time.. Enjoy!

Liebe Grusen. x Rüpert

About the work above; “Canadian Photographer Jessica Eaton has created more dazzling photographic works for her debut exhibition in the UK- Ad Infinitum Opening Jan. 23rd – Feb 8th, 2014 at The Hospital Club.  The images are made on sheets of 4 x 5 film and a series of monochromatic cubes. Eaton places red, green or blue gels over the camera lens to make multiple exposures of each cube, “The darkroom is a really visceral way of build a deeper understanding of the medium … and I have pushed the magic of it all into the very small darkroom I now have, the chamber inside my camera bellows.” (via jessicaeaton.tumblr)

Yellow Playground

Yellow playground, circles and stripes, doing what you aren’t supposed to do with recreational equipment ………..Have a NIce Day! xoxo MB

Colleen Corby in Seventeen Magazine February 1964 (via modrules)
Photography-2011 by Ren Hang (via fapdanding)