Urban History of Amsterdam

The archaeological finds of the North / Southline in Amsterdam

During the excavation of soil for the North/South Metro line an archaeological research-team was created, they found a massive collection of 665,412 man-made objects. From 18 century nails and jewelry to spoons from the 1980s. Some of these objects are on display at Station Rokin, the complete collection can be found online at belowtheservice.amsterdam

In 2004 the digging started for a new metro line in Amsterdam, the North/Southline, it was finished in july 2018. It ‘s a short line of only 9,7 km long, but it runs under water from Central Station to the Nortern part of the city. That’s why it’s quite functional, because without a car you could only reach Amsterdam Noord by ferry-boat or bus.

Anyways you vcan view the complete collection online and play with it. Like we did above. That’s all for today! Have a nice one! xoxo Mimi

Niet Pissen Geen Fietsen Good Monday

Good Monday

Good Monday! Here’s an image of our first encounter with some freehand grafitti in the morning. Niet Pissen Geen Fietsen means Don’t Piss No Bycicles in Dutch. This is written on a marble slab at the entrance of a Metro station in Amsterdam. We think it’s kinda funny and a good piece of artwork as well.

Niet Pissen Geen Fietsen Good Monday

This text is probably written by the (angry) shopowner 3 seconds away from this grafitti-spot. As you can maybe see on the image; the place is a misbuilt. A dark corner of the street with no purpose whatsoever but to piss and stall your bike. We don’t understand how these kinds of places still exsist in the city of Amsterdam, they need to be torn-down or at least be lit. Fun Fact is that the metro stations in Amsterdam all got revamped earlier this year. The stainless steel stair-railings are replaced with ones in hard wood, for example. That’s a useless decision, for sure if you still have to pass these nasty dark corners around metro stations.

Gucci CCampaign

Gucci CCampaign

Gucci Spring Summer 2016 Campaign Film. “The director’s cut of the Spring Summer 2016 advertising campaign, a short film by Glen Luchford. Creative director: Alessandro Michele. Art director: Christopher Simmonds. (Music: “Goodbye Horses” from the motion picture “Married to the Mob”)” gucci.com

Picture the scene above in real life; Place youself in the Berliner U-Bahn-Passage (or any other subway/metro station you have to be on a daily basis) BOOM. Suddenly you are surrounded by a group of running kids, dressed, immaculately coordinated with each other, in extraordinary-expensive-colorful-silk-clothes-hats-shoes-sunglasses. Hahaha, now that would lighten up your daily route on the metro, wouldn’t it!?
If only this clip mimicked an inch of real-transportation-life, maybe it’s 1% of an inch of city center life in Paris, but certainly not, nothing, like in Berlin! (or any other city in the world)
No matter: dreams are dreams and this one is funny. With the bonus of getting to know all the Gucci products in a very casual way. Clever!

Below one of replies on this clip on Gucci’s YouTube channel we’d like to share with you. Not sure if we agree but it put a smile on our faces.Screen Shot You Tube_Gucci

Public transportation seems to be a “thing” for the Spring/Summer Fashion season of 2016. The Prada boys and girls are travelling by public transport (in an unrealistic, graphic world). The Chanel show was a complete make-believe airport situation, and we’re sure there are many other examples to be found…


Our dear friend Mrs H. told us that large gadgets are going to be IN. For yous who don’t know what that will look like: This is a boombox (radio/casette player) from the eighties. Just like the clothes from that era the gadgets were humongous a s well. We don’t feel gadgets nowadays will be as huge as then. But our gadgets will keep getting bigger…boombox

Eve Arnold, USA. New York City. Subway. Guardian Angels. 1984. (via magnum photo’s)