Vorm-Fellows-Attitude by Gelitin


Dear Diary,

Yesterday we went to Museum Boijmans in Rotterdam to see the exhibition Vorm-Fellows-Attitude by Gelitin (a group of four artists from Vienna, Austria. The group was formerly known as Gelatin and changed their name in 2005.) which was opened last weekend. We, at Mimi Berlin, had a really good time! First we got to pick out an outfit from the rack filled with abstract nude suits. You can imagine that we were already thrilled! The garments were actually quite nice, design-wise. All suited up we made some selfies, everybody did, and went into the main room. The large space is filled with 4 or so, giant turds (a lump of excrement) laid on Persian carpets. So, imagine people walking in these suits in between under and behind those brown sculptures (which were quite realistic, material-wise). We could not stop laughing, honestly, we had SO much fun!

xoxo Mimi


At the end of the day all the suits were sprayed, not sure with what, maybe an odor killer or sanatising product.

Poop-cock-and-tits fun

Of course there is a deeper meaning behind all the poop-cock-and-tits fun. Read what Gelitin has to say about that below, or just go visit the Vorm-Fellows-Attitude show and find out for yourself, which is always the best thing to do, in our opinion.

“Oui, by the love of my skin
I shit on Your nose
So it runs down Your chin
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Bijenkorf Amsterdam Personal Shopping


The Bijenkorf (Beehive in Dutch) is the oldest and most high-end luxury department store in The Netherlands. One year ago they added a premium service: shopping with personal assistance. It was long overdue and about time for Mimi Berlin Blogger Team to finally shop with one of the personal shoppers at The Bijenkorf in Amsterdam.


We must say we had a lovely experience. First, our personal shopper, Ms Kranenborg, took us onto the “floor” in search of a suit for the male party of our Blogger Team. After a while the choice was narrowed down to 3 suits, which were brought to the special, very large and comfortable, dressingroom or so-called lounge (decorated entirely in pink and brown tones) on the second floor. During fittings the female part of our team got to sit down on the couch and eat cookies. After we decided upon the purchase there was champagne ànd an experienced team of tailors! Continue reading

White Tuxedo

White Tuxedo’s for women, were very en-vogue in the seventies. Lets be honest, wouldn’t you like to wear one now? We would and we will!

Sylvia Kristel on the film set of Rene la Canne directed by Francis Girod. Cinecitta, Rome, Italy. Photo by Christian Simonpietri, 1976. (©Christian Simonpietri/Sygma/Corbis  via filmnoirphotos)

Bianca and Jade Jagger in London 1979 (©express newspaper/getty images) (via samanthawills)

Diane Keaton  at the 48th Academy Awards Los Angeles, California, March 29, 1976. Photo by Frank Edwards/Fotos International/Getty Images (©getty images 2004 via nowness)

Jodie Foster in Paris Photo by Christian Simonpietri, 1977(© Christian Simonpietri/Sygma/Corbis via corbis images)

Dreamsuits; designs by Nudie Cohn

The exhibition “Dreamsuits”; designs by Nudie Cohn, for the iconic Belgian entertainer Bobbejaan Schoepen.
nudie cohn suits in antwerp ©mimi berlin
Because of the fact that we are huge Nudie Cohn fans, Mimi Blogger Team was invited by Milou van Rossum, fashion journalist from one of Holland’s larger newspapers, to come with, to the interview she had with Mari MacKenzie, the curator of this exhibition and the author of Dreamsuits; The wonderful world of Nudie Cohn.
nudie cohn suits in antwerp ©mimi berlinnudie cohn suits in antwerp ©mimi berlin
nudie cohn suits in antwerp ©mimi berlin
nudie cohn suits in antwerp ©mimi berlin
nudie cohn suits in antwerp ©mimi berlin
You can visit this exhibition till 2/12/12 at the MoMu Gallery in Antwerp
(Photocredits Mimi Berlin)

Zoot suit Riots

In Los Angeles’s infamous “Zoot Suit riots” of 1943, young Chicanos in zoot suits (or “Pachucos” as they were called) were targeted by thousands of white sailors who asserted their racial supremacy by beating and stripping wearers of the fashion. As the days passed historical records show that thousands of servicemen joined the attacks. After several days the military intervened.
During the riots many females who were “Pachucas” (we would probably say “Chola” today) or were in the presence of a zoot suiter were arrested as well (via)


Happy teenagers in the 1940’s.


1930’s. Anonymous entertainer jitterbigging on stage.(via)

Cab Calloway performing.

The zoot suit was first seen in the 1930s in New York at the height of the Harlem Jazz culture. Many referred to them as “drapes.”
During that time, the suit was worn by and popularized by African-Americans. A Fedora hat was also often worn to complement the zoot suit.