Humongous Straw Summer Hats

Humongous Straw Summer Hats

Do you know the feeling when it get’s too hot on the beach but you don’t want to leave? (yes, that happens) Too much sun can be very uncomfortable; being busy covering yourself constantly in SP factor 5000 (which is allegedly unhealthy so we have read, but that’s an other story) and being scared that the pigment spots in your face will turn you into Marsupilami… We found the images above on the web: These Humongous (Striped) Straw Summer Hats are THE solution for a restful time at the beach on a sunny day! And SO stylish as well…. win-win

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Rubber Duck in China

Rubber Duck in China. Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck is very Popular during Beijing Design Week. BJDW adapted the image of the rubber duck for merchandise (badges, an actual bathtub version in a pretty box and yellow shoes), so did everybody else. At the Summer Palace, where it lies, you can find the duck all over the place. First as signing on the floor (so you know where to find it) next as a photo opportunity; re-sized both for parents and kids. The BJDW merchandise is sold in giant white eggs, the (counterfeit?) fluffy toy by people in the streets. The last encounter is with the Giant Rubber Duck itself, together with a gazillion other people you can stroll or paddle your way around this yellow icon. For us, at Mimi Berlin it was a long anticipated, but weird trip …

Why are these photo’s so foggy? You ask of us. Well today the smog-alarm was 305 AQI, that’s why.

A Wardrobe for Vicky in Ladies’ Home Journal


Paper-doll girls need lots of clothes to change into. So do real girls—especially in summer, when there are so many more things to do. Paper-doll girls don’t need to worry about money, but real girls do. That’s why we went out to find four complete, fresh-as-a-summer-breeze wardrobes—each for less than $100. So here’s to the happiest summer ever, always looking pert and pretty as a paper-doll.”

Paper Doll fashion editorial from LadiesHome Journal, 1967.

Images from Ladies’ Home Journal, 1967 (via mostly paper dolls)