Sunday To Do Tip: Shamrock House Abcoude

Sunday To Do Tip: Abcoude

Today would be a nice day to visit the lovely village of Abcoude, close to Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Why? Beacause the private home ‘Shamrock House’ in Abcoude is open to public, and it’s filled with art, design objects, photography and tableware, all for sale. Oh.. and Dutch artist Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest will be drawing your portrait if you want. This exhibition is organized by Vasco del Arte and it houses work by, a.o; Airco Caravan, Narouz Moltzer, Peter Klashorst, Marcel Smink, JW Kaldenbach, Gem Kingdom, Adzer van der Molen, Mrs Jack and yours truly Mimi Berlin.

We did follow up on the Sunday to do tip, see the photo’s, made by JW Kaldenbach, above.

Ode to Dutch Fashion

Ode to Dutch Fashion

Good Morning! Today we have a tip on how to spend your Sunday; Go visit The Gemeentemuseum in The Hague for the fashion exhibition “Ode to Dutch Fashion”. It will brighten up the day….

Yesterday we went to the opening of the fashion exhibition “Ode to Dutch Fashion”. (see some party snaps here) The museum highlights well known names like Viktor & Rolf and the fact that the dress worn by Queen Maxima at King Willem-Alexander’s coronation, designed by Jan Taminiau, is on show. These are great designers but they aren’t the most spectaculair at this exhibition; it’s the exhibition itself that’s so great! Wandering trough the rooms filled with all these designs, (new and older ones side by side) paintings and the custom-made photo series, is really the best experience. Well, it made US happy, hope you like it too! xoxo Mimi

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Sigmar Polke in the Grossmünster Cathedral

Sigmar Polke in the Grossmünster Cathedral

Goodmorning! Today we’ll visit Church because it’s Sunday. Have a Nice Day! xoxo Mimi

Sigmar Polke made 17 glass stained windows for the Grossmunster cathedral in Zürich, Germany. They were placed in 2009. The Roman cathedral also houses windows by Giacometti, which were placed in 1932. (img via thecurseandthecure)

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Riette Wanders at Francis Boeske Projects

Riette Wanders at Francis Boeske Projects

Riette Wanders at Francis Boeske Projects
New work by Dutch artist Riette Wanders will be on show at Francis Boeske Projects. You can be at the Opening today if you are in Amsterdam!

In her work Riette Wanders searches for both elusive and contradictory images, images that are difficult to define in regards to the time in which they are made and the intention with which they are made. Wanders works from photographs, music and her own personal experience to realise this imagery within a finished work. A sensitivity to materials and what the materials evince is a fundamental part of the process. Working mostly with charcoal on paper, Wanders’ drawings are structured with raw, energetic yet delicate lines. Wanders’ uses a fixative spray to at once both seal and corrode the original image, altering the composition and giving rise to accidental forms. This process is repeated in numerous layers of charcoal creating a dense, deep velvety blackness. Album covers, posters and videos of bands such as Sonic Youth are embedded in Wanders’ memory and are recalled to play an important role in her work, it is through such album covers that Wanders got to know the work of artists such as Mike Kelly, Christopher Wool and Raymond Pettibon.

Wanders’ work is diverse in subject matter, use of materials and discipline, Abstraction next to figuration, Three dimensional next to Two dimensional, Classical next to contemporary, organic vs inorganic. Through her work, Wanders’ visualizes and connects these apparent differences. Within this context the individual images and the body of work as a whole become more eloquent. (via/read more at Francis Boeske Projects)

Sun, Apr 12, 2015 15:00 /Sat, May 23, 2015 18:00
Francis Boeske Projects; 41 Ms. van Riemsdijkweg Amsterdam
Riette Wanders

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

Goodmorning! Let’s start of our Sunday by watching some great, then controversial, television from the late seventies of the previous Century. We think it can cheer up your mood for the entire day! Have fun, we know we will! Have a Nice Day xoxo Mimi

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Episode 1,  Series 1. This sitcom is available on DVD.

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman is an American sitcom and a soap opera parody that aired in daily (weekday) syndication from January 1976 to May 1977. The series was produced by Norman Lear, directed by Joan Darling and Jim Drake, and starred Louise Lasser. The series writers were Gail Parent and Ann Marcus.(knowledge: wikipedia. photocredits: via natalieonflickr / via chud / via m.fanpix / via fanpix)