Friday Night, Party Night! #71

Friday Night, Party Night! #71

Friday Night Party Night! 71 mimi berlin
Tonight we will be making our lips shiny to the extreme, we’ll add some bling, add red nailpolish…and head on out to the Discotheque (Grillz by Christian Ferretti for Interview Magazine April 2013

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Poodles with Secrets

angry poodles
(photocredits: Looking back / looking forward Issue 1/Atem books)poodles at the hairsalon
(photocredits cafemom)

No their curls aren’t natural, here is the proof. These twin poodles are getting a perm at the local dog grooming shop. Bet they had they’re teeth bleached as well. #disappointingknowledge

Danke Schön, Freundin T und Mr Vintage!!