The Levi’s® Commuter™ Trucker Jacket

Levi’s® Commuter™ Trucker Jacket

Now here’s something we would like to try out;Jacket-with-tag-levis-interactiveThis is a jeans jacket with an interactive surface: it can access a phone wirelesly and activate a functionality by tapping or swiping a sleeve. The technology is blended in with the fibres of the standard cloth, which is still washable and feels like a normal piece of clotihng, so they say. ‘They’ being Levi’s and Google’s Atap. The invention is called: Jaquard Technology.

Levi’s wants you to wear this jacket while riding your bike (see the promotion clip here at But we, at Mimi Berlin, feel the audience could be broader; for instance by placing this technology in a (women’s) bag. But what do we know……’they’ probably already came up with several wonderful ideas themselves. Swipe to mute, xoxo Mimi






Rupert von Rom Dries van Noten Inspirations on exhibit in Antwerp

Dries van Noten Inspirations on exhibit in Antwerp

The other day we, Mimi Berlin, visited the exhibition “Inspirations” by Dries van Noten, in the couturier’s home town of Antwerp, Belgium.
What a great exibithion! And SO marvelously well designed!

Usually in fashion you have to make do with inspirational images on paper, but Dries van Noten shows us the real thing; On show, next to his designs, are Picasso, Damien Hirst, Balenciaga, Balmain, Worth, and many others …….all in the flesh!
Many inspirational movies and fashion shows are beautifully incorporated throughout the transformed fashion museum. Also the sense of smell is an important factor; a scent to accompany your vision can be smelled by touching different walls.
If you haven’t already; make sure you go and see the Inspirations of Dries van Noten. The exhibition was initiated and realized by Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris (01/03-02/11/14), we were told it’s a bit different and smaller in Antwerp. But the new version in Antwerp stays true to its original incarnation in Paris, highlighting the sources of Dries Van Noten’s inspiration by juxtaposing his creations with emblematic past and present works of art and fashion, again curated by Pamela Golbin (chief curator of 20th-century and contemporary fashion and textiles at Les Arts Décoratifs.) and adapted for the MoMu by Arter, the agency that designed the original exhibition for Les Arts Décoratifs.

Dries van Noten Inspirations, MoMu, February 13 – July 19, 2015.

Our must-see expert Rüpert von Rom posted earlier on “Inspiration” including a video of Dries van Noten talking about the exhibition. Continue reading

by Textielmuseum; Exclusive Household Textiles

by Textielmuseum; Exclusive Household Textiles

by Textielmuseum is the label which carries the work from TextielLab; Exclusive Household Textiles designed and developed by a wide range of artists and designers who are invited to experiment with the techniques available in the Lab. The label was launched at The Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam last week, November 21st. 2014 (by Textielmuseum shop)

Earlier on we got to see the newest addition of tea towels and table linen designed by Viktor&Rolf along with other designs by a.o. Studio Job and Studio Bertjan Pot. They were presented by curator Jules van den Langenberg and head of the Lab Hebe Verstappen. During a small gathering we discussed the contemporary cultural entrepreneurship of museums and the collection of the new label ‘by TextielMuseum‘. Verstappen and van den Langenberg will visit 5 more destinations in Europe with various young photographers, our gathering was photographed by Daantje Bons. Part of the scenography is a suitcase designed for the household textiles by Studio Minale-Maeda, These visits/presentations will be covered monthly by EH&I Magazine and are part of the upcoming exhibition ‘Bye TextielMuseum’, which will open December 14th. Continue reading