Mimi Berlin Cheerleading Squad

Mimi Berlin Cheerleading Squad

Mimi Berlin always was and is, intrigued by cheerleaders, their clothes, the aerobatic tricks, the yells, the pom poms, the sports jocks …. Mimi never wanted to be one, but now Mimi has got one! Meet the Mimi Berlin Cheerleading Squad.

A portrait of Elle. Made in Berlin at the KW Institute of Contemporary Art. Standing in the art of Absalon. Visible is Cellue No.3 (Prototype) by Absalon and a pillar at the ground floor of the gallery. Elle’s Cape is from Y-3 ©Mimi Berlin December 2011.

A Shiva Cheer for Mimi in Berlin. A portrait of The Berlin Connection made on the streets of Berlin, Germany. ©Mimi Berlin 2011

A portrait of Doubleyoudee made in the red room of the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. Cheerleading for Mimi Berlin, the extended version of 17 seconds. ©Mimi Berlin 2012

be careful when Mimi asks you to pose, you might become a cheerleader as well…

Lisa Milroy

Shoes, paintings by Lisa Milroy

Lotus ‘Career Girl’ shoe (s), 2002.  Lisa Milroy was commissioned by Staffordshire Arts & Museum Service in 2002 to make work in response to the County Museum collection. She chose to produce paintings and drawings depicting shoes from the 1960s manufactured by Lotus Ltd of Stafford.

Shoes, 1987 (via guardian.co.uk)
Shoes, 1987(via bococheng.blogspot)
We would do Lisa Milroy wrong by making you think she only painted shoes. Ofcourse she didn’t! Do check out her other work, it’s wonderful.

Danke Schön, Berlin Connection!