Small people in Landscapes by Mimi Berlin Styling Team

Small people in Landscapes by Mimi Berlin Styling Team

Mimi Berlin Styling Team has built landscapes with a selection of iconic, vintage and the newest design objects available today. Mimi Berlin photographed seven different kinds of make-believe landscapes, each in their own color-scheme. The Landscapes feature actual small people with are Preiser miniature people) from the 1950s. Fun!

A Mimi Berlin Styling Team Production for WOTH Wonderful Things Magazine no. 3

We would like for you to be surprised when you see the magazine; so we’ll post the other six landscapes as soon as Woth nr 4 is in stores…..See More Made by Mimi Berlin for WOTH

Mimi Berlin’s Small People

Mimi Berlin’s Small People

Sometimes when we have an idea, (well actually we have tons of them) and make a quick sketch, do nothing with those sketches, except for storing them in The Mimi Berlin Library of Ideas. We have a library filled with ideas. This is one of them: From the series Mimi Berlin’s Life in an Unreal world: Small People. This idea has been stored for almost half a year!


But just in time; before this idea gets old, we have opened the library. These are some of the ‘Small People’ sketches. We used them for an editorial in issue #3 of Woth Wonderful Things Magazine. We’ll keep you posted on the result!

These are not Spectacles!


Hello, hereby a gathering of photo’s of celebs from yesteryear, looking through things. A Shoe, a chair, a pretzel and cheese! Anyway, anything other than spectacles, how fun!

These are not Spectacles ferragamo
Salvatore Ferragamo looking through a vinyl sole of one of his shoes in 1955. (img via)

These are not Spectacles Loren
Sophia Loren looking through a pretzel.

These are not Spectacles Mansfield
Jayne Mansfield looking through cheese.
These are not Spectacles Bardot

Brigitte Bardot looking through a chair. (img via)