Veronica Lake Seen From Above

Veronica Lake Seen From Above

Have you ever seen the queen of blonde manes from above? No?
This image by Bob Landry was also new to us.
Victoria Lake used to be very populair for her hair but this picture is next level hair adoration……Veronica Lake Seen From Above“View looking down on the glorious, wavy honey-blond hair of actress Veronica Lake as she shows that it is parted on the left side, at home. (Photo by Bob Landry/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)” (Image via GettyImages)

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Stewardess Nancy Jacquier

Stewardess Nancy Jacquier examining what appears to be cigarettes. Maybe those white sticks are something completely different, we don’t know. But since we are smokers we say that they are smokes and that these pictures were taken in the 1960s. What do you think? Maybe that camera dangling from her arm is hint towards the package being photo camera accessories? Photo’s by Ralph Crane, Sacramento, California. © Time Inc.