Padaung in London

“The Kayan Lahwi people, also known as Padaung, are a minority ethnic group with populations in Burma and Thailand. Padaung women are famous for their distinctive custom of wearing brass coils around their necks.” (read more at Once upon a time in 1935 these so called “giraffewomen” visited London. This journey was captured in black and white. We think these images, of cultures colliding, are truly wonderful and very inspiring. ( All Getty Images via )

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Traditional Russian Costume

north tver

Traditional Russian Costume of the Kostroma region (and in large picture from north Tver) These photos were taken in the end of 19th century and now are kept in the collection of the Russian Museum of Ethnography. A kokoshnik is a headdress worn by married women. The word “kokoshnik” describes a great variety of headdresses worn throughout Russia, including the cylindrical hats , two pointed nimbus “kika”, triangular shaped “kika”, small pearl hats etc. The kokoshniks could be quite extravagant, even if they were worn by farmer’s wives, and were composed of gold brocade, damask, or velvet, with gold embroidery usually of plant and flower motifs. Sometimes they were set with real pearls and precious stones. (via local-moda / traditionalrussiancostume)

Traditional Northern Vietnamese Costume

Northern Vietnam Traditional Costume, 1800s Northern Vietnamese woman dressed in Áo tứ thân, with the “Quai Thao” hat characteristic of northern Vietnam (via wikipedia)

(images via baomoi)

Dutch Traditional Costume: Hats

The backside of a Dutch Brabantse every day hat (1950-1960) Photo Cas Oorthuys (Collection Nederlands Photo museum via
The backside of a Dutch poffer-show hat, Brabant (1950-1960) Photo Cas Oorthuys (Collection Nederlands Photo museum via
xThe backside of a Dutch Noord-Bevelandse hat (1950-1960) Photo Cas Oorthuys (Collection Nederlands Photo museum via