Mask Dances by Margaret Severn

Mask Dances by Margaret Severn

73-Mask Dances (Margaret Severn) all photo’s by Nina Leen (courtesy of time/life see complete series here) Margaret Severn (1901-1997) was a famous ballet-dancer. Born in Birmingham Alabama, she lived most of her life in New York, and toured extensively in Vaudeville from 1922-1928. She was Paris based in the ’30s, and retired to Vancouver Canada in 1970.(via

Bibi Lartigue

Bibi Lartigue was the wife of photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue. This couple led the glamorous life of the early 20th century, filled with flowers, cars, hotels, sports and beaches. Proof of that fact lies in the photo’s Jacques Henri Lartigue took of his wife Bibi and their friends.

Bibi in Nice (via Bibi on Honeymoon toilet (via Bibi’s hands (via Bibi on car (via Bibi with coat (via Bibi on beach (via

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