Dream Horses

We never cared much for horses. Back in the Heimat (Germany) the horses are just that, horses. They are very plain and don’t trigger any imaginations or dreams. But after seeing these pictures we suddenly know why so many people are in love with this animal.

Egyptian Arabian horse, “Imperial Baarez”

Now we get why girls want to play with little pony’s and why teenagers want to ride a horse 24/7, why adults want to breed them and why unicorns exist. Fas-ci-na-ting!

Female circus acts

In the old days.
Vallecita’s Leopards, 1906
Unicorn act at Ringling Bros.
Trude Stosch-Sarrasani, 1941
Lina, charmeuse de serpents
Koringa, 1939
Tadaa! Put your hands up in the air….Let’s go train our pets to learn tricks. After all, it’s sunday, like every weekend we need to have some creative action. Do send us images of the results. The winner will get a delicate meal for their pet.

Beja von Bis: Unicorn

Beja von Bis: Unicorn

“Is it real?”
Monoceros constellation from the 1820 Celestial Atlas by Alexander Jamieson
“Unicorn” by Rebecca Horn, 1968(via)
“The last Unicorn” by Su Blackwell
‘Naked Unicorn on the Beach’ by Ben Hopper,
August 2010.
“Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one” ~Albert Einstein