New Sculpture The magic goblet of Saint Alcoholica

The magic goblet of Saint Alcoholica is a new sculpture by Mimi Berlin. Have a look see; it’s too cute, don’t you think? Even if you are an alcoholic person you’ll have to admit that…..

The magic goblet of Saint  Alcoholica

The magic goblet of Saint alcoholica. Assemblage made with plastic, rubber, marble and glass.

This sculpture is a ‘Random story” by Mimi Berlin. Random stories a series of mini installations , which all tell a different tale, are allnmade with discarded objects gathered by Mimi Berlin. Who else?!

Red Nose Plastic Face

Red Nose, is a portrait and a musicbox.

Red Nose is a part of the ‘Important Bagatelles‘ series, made only with discarded (early) plastics by Mimi Berlin. Red Nose is a unique work, signed by Mimi Berlin.

This is a crappy video of the Red Nose portait in action, there is little action; but it’s cute.

Eggcups/Eierbechern Prototypes


Eggcups/Eierbechern Prototypes. Eggcups as statuettes/mixed media/unique pieces by Mimi Berlin ©2010prototypes_eggcups
Eggcups/Eierbechern Prototypes are six series: Surrealist, POMO, White, Stories, Retro and Souvenir D’Amour.
Mimi Berlin designed three to four designs per series.
All Eggcups are signed and handmade with VintageDeLuxe materials such as porcelain, glass, and ceramics. See images in largers size…

We are happy to announce that all eggcups/prototypes are sold !
xoxo Mimi Berlin

Mimi’s eierbecher/eggcups prototypes

Eierbecher/Eggcups Prototypes

6 series of 3 to 4 eggcups designed by Mimi Berlin. Unique, signed pieces.

Mimi's eierbecher/eggcups prototypes

Highlighting 4 of the ‘Eierbecher/Eggcups Prototypes’

mimi berlin eggcups‘Sad 1980’ from the ‘Retro’ series

mimi berlin eggcups‘Pomo 2’ from the ‘Pomo’ series

mimi berlin eggcups‘Pomo 3/omelet du fromage’ from the ‘Pomo’ series

mimi berlin eggcups‘Amalia’ from the ‘Surrealist’ series


(Photography JW Kaldenbach)