Stuck at Stansted Airport


Mimi Blogger Team was stuck at Stansted Airport a while ago……at night. And what does one do when there’s noting to do? Exactly: take photo’s

Corona Crisis Lockdown

And what does one do while stuck at home during the Corona crisis lockdown? Exactly: meticulously alter your images with a stanley-knife, by hand.
(see here why we are at Stansted Airport)

Lord Buckethead

Lord Buckethead

Lord Buckethead is an Intergalactic space lord and the British candidate for the Gremloids party. Earlier he stood in two UK General Elections against two different Conservative Party leaders and Prime Ministers. Last week, June, 8, 2017, the citizens of the United Kingdom could vote for Lord Buckethead once again at the general elections; some of them did, he got 249 votes.
Prime Minister Theresa May’s conservative party has lost its parliamentary majority in this election (conservatives got 42% of the votes/labour 40%.) Ms May can and will stay on. Read more about that in your general news bulletin. We, at Mimi Berlin, have to draw lines when it comes to writing on politics!
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