Wonderful Things from Tim Walker

Wonderful Things

We, Mimi Blogger Team, visited the Tim Walker exhibition ‘Wonderful Things’ at the V&A museum in London the other day (the exhibition ran from 21 September 2019 to 22 March 2020). We are fans of the photographer Tim Walker, so we simply had to come to London all the way from Amsterdam.
As always, we took pictures for you, who couldn’t be there.


The first room, at the start of the exhibition, is filled with work made for fashion magazines. Hence the dripping ‘gloss’ from the ceiling we guess.

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Victorian Fashion Items in White

Victorian Fashion Items in White

It’s so wonderful that historical clothes (and anything else from yesteryears) are conservated don’t you think?

Rüpert von Rom; Must see of the Month is McQueen in the V&A

Rüpert von Rom; Must see of the Month is McQueen in the V&A

It’s time for everyone to go to London. If there was anytime to start saving up for a trip to London town, it’s now. The grand, the fabulous, the illustrious fashion house of Alexander McQueen comes with an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. After the overwhelming succes of the same exhibition in New York City in 2011, it’s now time for us Europeans to gawk at the ‘Savage Beauty’ of the late Alexander McQueen.
xoxo Rüpert

TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE. 14 March – 2 August 2015.

Rüpert von Rom: Must-See The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945-2014

Dear darlings,

I have got a wonderful new exhibition for you as this month’s must-see.
Go to London because the Victoria and Albert Museum has got another exhilarating show for you.
Celebrating almost 70 years of italian fashion, the exhibition ‘The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945-2014’ is a total MUST-SEE for any fashion darling like myself.
The exhibition will draw out the defining factors unique to the Italian fashion industry. My advise to you: indulge yourselves in London in the glamour that is italian fashion.
And remember: Italians do it better.

xxx Rüpert