Artists are Curators at GemeenteMuseum and Hoogtij Art Night The Hague

the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague.


Hoogtij (which means High tide in Dutch) is an evening in city of The Hague dedicated to culture in general and art in particular. About 25 galeries, studio’s, musea are open from 7 to 11 PM on ‘Hoogtij’ evenings. Mimi Berlin Blogger Team visited the 57th edition on the 25th of May 2019.

The next editions of Hoogtij are planned already: on the 27th of September and on the 29th of November in 2019. (

The Hague Heritage

We went to the vernissage of the exhibition ‘The Hague Heritage‘ at the Heden gallery. This show is a hommage to artists who have a link to The Hague. Heden invited 30 artists who are either born, live, work or study(ied) in this city by the sea. These artists each chose their favorite work. The Hague Heritage is running to 07 juli 2019

(Above from left to right: Daan den Houter, Theo Jansen and ? posing for Mimi Berlin’s camera. Thank you for that gentlemen, we noticed it was a bit awkward for you.)
Please click here to see more artist-portraits we made througout the years.

Children at Places for Grown Ups

Children at Places for Grown Ups

And in specific children at The Art Gallery during an opening, not acting like grown ups: gotta love it! Mimi Berlin thinks these private moments are always a joy to the eye.

These pictures are a small selection of Mimi Berlin’s Party-Snaps Series: here’s How They Do It at Gallerie Ramakers in The Hague, at het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, at Stigter van Doesburg and Baars Projects, Amsterdam and at Ventura Lambrate in Milan.

Vernissage Tjebbe Beekman Wait, hold that thought!

Vernissage Tjebbe Beekman Wait, hold that thought!

Dutch painter Tjebbe Beekman is showing his new work (Wait, hold that thought!) at Gallerie Stigter van Doesburg in Amsterdam, through December 23rd, 2017. Mimi Berlin went to the opening and so did these kids. They spent their time in a separate corner with an IPhone.vernissage mimi berlin

(imagecredits: Mimi Berlin)

Tjebbe Beekman/Galerie Stigter van Doesburg

Akio Igarashi and Takashi Suzuki at Willem Baars Projects

Akio Igarashi and Takashi Suzuki at Willem Baars Projects

The work of Japanese artists Akio Igarashi and Takashi Suzuki is on show at Willem Baars Projects

Since we, at Mimi Berlin, are no art critics, we can’t give an in-depht story on the work: please go HERE for that. We CAN tell you that the work of Akio Igarashi is made with oil paint which meticulously has been sanded down. If you ask nicely you may be able to actually touch the work, it feels so smooth! Takashi Suzuki‘s work is very abstract and very colorful; seeing this work was a wonderful experience for us, we couldn’t keep our eyes of it. We took pictures, which of course is ridiculous; you have to see these wonderful paintings with your own eyes. If you are in Amsterdam we feel you should visit the gallery and experience the minimalism for yourself!

Willem Baars Projects is open Wed. to Sat. 12:00-18:00 and by appointment. Address: Hoogte Kadijk 17 in Amsterdam

( Danke Schön Udo Vektor for the invite )

Riette Wanders at Francis Boeske Projects

Riette Wanders at Francis Boeske Projects

Riette Wanders at Francis Boeske Projects
New work by Dutch artist Riette Wanders will be on show at Francis Boeske Projects. You can be at the Opening today if you are in Amsterdam!

In her work Riette Wanders searches for both elusive and contradictory images, images that are difficult to define in regards to the time in which they are made and the intention with which they are made. Wanders works from photographs, music and her own personal experience to realise this imagery within a finished work. A sensitivity to materials and what the materials evince is a fundamental part of the process. Working mostly with charcoal on paper, Wanders’ drawings are structured with raw, energetic yet delicate lines. Wanders’ uses a fixative spray to at once both seal and corrode the original image, altering the composition and giving rise to accidental forms. This process is repeated in numerous layers of charcoal creating a dense, deep velvety blackness. Album covers, posters and videos of bands such as Sonic Youth are embedded in Wanders’ memory and are recalled to play an important role in her work, it is through such album covers that Wanders got to know the work of artists such as Mike Kelly, Christopher Wool and Raymond Pettibon.

Wanders’ work is diverse in subject matter, use of materials and discipline, Abstraction next to figuration, Three dimensional next to Two dimensional, Classical next to contemporary, organic vs inorganic. Through her work, Wanders’ visualizes and connects these apparent differences. Within this context the individual images and the body of work as a whole become more eloquent. (via/read more at Francis Boeske Projects)

Sun, Apr 12, 2015 15:00 /Sat, May 23, 2015 18:00
Francis Boeske Projects; 41 Ms. van Riemsdijkweg Amsterdam
Riette Wanders