Collage Artworks with Brooches by Mimi Berlin

Artworks with Brooches by Mimi Berlin

The first series of Mimi Berlin’s VintageDeluxe Fashion Accessories Artworks are ready! In order to keep the past of fashion alive, preserve and comment on it, we decided to take one magazine from our mimimagazines collection apart and turn it into artworks; by combining them with costume jewelry from our collection (which is also vintagedeluxe). The collages, 45 in total, are all made with laminated pages from one magazine; Linea Italia Magazine, augm1980, and carefully selected brooches, fixed together in a storytelling way.

The ingredients for these collages are both vintagedeluxe. The brooches are mostly costume jewelry which are fixed onto the laminated fashion magazine pages, they can be taken off if you’d like to wear them or you can hang the artwork on your wall (with or without the jewelry; you can decide that after purchase for yourself!)

They aren’t up for sale ye;t they have to be photographed properly first…..we’ll keep you posted!


Photo on Photo Costume Jewelry Ads

Photo on Photo Costume Jewelry Ads

This is how ‘they’ lured you into buying bijoux; by creating a dream that you would know it actually was only that, a dream; these ads are a simple but such a strong incentive to steer the imagination in the right way. Nifty!

We, at the Mimi Berlin offices, got inspired by these advertisements made in the previous century…….The first image is a quick schetch by Mimi Berlin made in 2016: The CEO of the month brooch. (1960’s BSK flower brooch on a 1980’s ad for Nucci Valsecchi interiors from Vogue Italia, Dec. 1980)

more vintage costume jewelry ads

Costume Jewelry Advertisements

Costume Jewelry Advertisements

Extravagant and dramatic jewelry ads the from the from the first half of the previous century 1940s>1950s>1960s

Faces as jewelry

From Mimi’s personal collection; Buttons 1980’s

From Mimi’s personal collection; Sailor 1950
From Mimi’s personal collection; Lady smoking 1950’s
Launched by designer Coreen Simpson in 1990, The Black Cameo Collection has been a stylish favorite of notable women like Oprah Winfrey, Ruby Dee and Phylicia Rashad.
 Delicate and Gorgeous. A White Rose blooms on a Lavender background, Cameo is 4cm tall!(buy)

Vinyl record cameo

Vintage costume jewelry by Nettie Rosenstein