Milan Design Week 2018: Life in Vogue


Vogue Italia Magazine has opened it’s doors to the public during Milan Designweek 2018; for the occassion of introducing the newest issue of Casa Vogue. Emanuele Farneti, editor-in-chief, invited 8 designers and architects to re-design or re-think if you will, the offices of the editorial staff rooms at VogueIT. The #LifeInVogue project is “A reflection on the way of living [in} the contemporary office”

Images: The office of the editor-in-chief by Faye Toogood (Roly-Poly furniture). The current affairs office by Patricia Urquiola. The corridor by Marco Bellini. And the copy machine.


Since the official tourguide didn’t speak English, Mimi got te private tour by a very kind man. We had in-depth conversations about the designs and the magazine. Not so much; the tourguide was actually from security. Quote; “this is also an interesting lamp” and you’ll hear lot’s of WOW and REALLY from Mimi. But our confidence level is high enough; we will share the short clips with you. Have fun watching them!

More video’s made at the Vogue Italia office’s during the tour can be found on Mimi Berlin’s YouTube Channel

Life in Vogue at the Condé-Nast offices in Milan can be visited from 12:00 to 8:00 PM until the 20th of April, 2018.

Caravaggio in Fashionland

Caravaggio in Fashionland

We finally got hold of the September issue of Vogue Italia yesterday (5/10/2017). Vogue Italia is our favorite out of all Vogue’s, and we weren’t dissapointed with last month’s “Roma” issue either.

We, at Mimi Berlin, think the most stun-ning series in this issue is the Ad Arte! edititorial, in which photographer Willy Vanderperre paraphrases paintings by Caravaggio (with styliing done by Olivier Rizzo) The photo above is made after ‘Deposition from the cross’ painted by Caravaggio around 1600. That’s want we wanted to share with yous all today! Have a nice one! xoxo Mimi Continue reading

When Princess Leia Lets Her Hair Down

When Princess Leia Lets Her Hair Down

We guess this is what Princess Leia looks like when she lets her hair down……SOOOOO Pretty! Have a nive Day! xoxo MimiWhen Princess Leia Lets Her Hair DownPhotographer David Sims, Hair by Guido Palau (published in Vogue Italia)

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Lady Birgit Lee

Former Danish model Birgit “Gitte” Krøncke Lee, wife of the actor Christopher Lee. 745-386020_0x440 vi01010d0350-035104walker-485841_0x440
Gitte Lee, photographed by Tim walker for Vogue Italia October 2010

Gitte Lee in a Celine ad campaign for Fall 2010, Photo by Jeurgen Teller (via)

Gitte Lee : The Art of Personal Style on Advanced style blog

More stylized violence. Girls with guns.

More stylized violence: Girls with guns
photo; Terry Richardson (GQ magazine may 2009)

More stylized violence: Girls with gunsState of emergency photo; Steven Meisel (Vogue Italia sept. 2006)
More stylized violence: Girls with guns
1976/Farah Fawcett as an Angel (photo courtesy of the everett collection)

More stylized violence: Girls with guns

1976 Charlies Angels (photo courtesy of the everett collection)
Helmut Newton, 1990s.
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How to use …….

How to use……. Vintage Vogue Italianos. Petronella uses them in a functional way, to even out her floor. That is a good tip! Thank You Petronella!

If you have a special way of (re) using your vintage magazines please let us know. We are very curious AND we like to share it with our friends.

xoxo mimi