Assembly-Line 01 Revival of a Classic Shoe

Revival of a Classic

Assembly-Line is a collaboration project that generates small, locally manufactured products. ASSEMBLY-LINE / 01 is the first product from this series: a re-make of a classic wooden slipper from the sixties. Made with EU locally sourced materials and assembled in the Netherlands. In a nutshell: Limited editions, timeless designs, slow design, European product.


The first project of Assembly-Line is a revival of a classic: a wooden soled sandal from the sixties. Once extremely popular but now somewhat invisible in the wider shoe landscape, this sandal was waiting for an update and a repositioning in the here and now. The new sandal is produced locally in limited editions, and in collaboration with small workshops, using EU sourced materials. The packaging is low-impact, and the leather straps are re-placeable. The slippers can be ordered at Continue reading

Dave Hall Automata

Dave Hall Automataautomata_dave_hallo

Visit Dave Hall on FaceBook “My automata. Made using a variety of techniques largely requiring no workshop, as i don’t have one. Its all stuff I do in my spare time.. My brain insists I make them, eve though I don’t really have time”  or go to his site

Hunderdweight of Heads, Dave Hll Automata.

(thahanks constansebo)

Adam and Eve in Wood

Adam and Eve in Wood

No, these are no dolls for sex educational purposes. This was your typical average home decoration set in the 1970s, Adam (with a penis and balls) and Eve (with a vagina) both made out of wood. You could get them in various sizes, but they were all made to fuck! The ones below are the Dutch/German/Belgian version

Rightside: made by/via Tony Futura, On the left: original dolls from the 1970s, found on Mimi Berlin’s atic.

Comparing the wooden objects above also says a lot about design; Then and Now.

Stacked Boxes Imitating a Festive Cake

Stacked Boxes Imitating a Festive Cake

Shop them boxes: / teamschweinfurt / / / fermliving

Mind Puzzle Games

Mind Puzzle Games

Cute and intricate: what more do you need?

Babylon Tower, 1982 by Endre Pap ( Flower Puzzle  ( The Wisdom Ball (a.k.a. Mind Twister) ( Smiley Lock Puzzle by Jean Claude Constantin ( Gerdig Ufo, 1991 by Gerhard Huncage ( Hungarian Rings, 1982 by Endre Pap (

Our Friend Petronella is a collector of these kinds of mindgames, thanks for the inspiration Petronella! xoxo Mimi