“Meanwhile” A Soap Opera by YOUASME MEASYOU

“Meanwhile” A Soap Opera by YOUASME MEASYOU

Soap bars, not just your ordinary ones, No! Designer Soap Bars developed by YOUASME MEASYOU  Each bar has it’s own tale to tell and all 20 of them have their own image or text which gets more visible when you hold them against light! Magical! They have a camée/cameo like feel to them, true gems to take with you when you shower! Auch Haben for X-mas Please!
“Meanwhile” – a Soap Opera consists of 20 different designs that appear when lit from behind, showing a detailed setting, subtitle or backdrop, a moment in time.
Each bar is individually handcrafted at the former Rosa Monastery in Amsterdam North and made to order to guarantee freshness of the soap.
Contents: Glycerine Soap, Pigments and Scented Oils (Eucalyptus, Lavender and Baby Powder). Weight: approximately 400 grams.
These works of art can be ordered at the YOUASME MEASYOU webshop and bought exclusively at the FRAME Store in Amsterdam.



YOUASME MEASYOU Collection Fall-Winter 2014

We got an invitation from our friends at YOUASME-MEASYOU which we would like to share with you

Hi! We are Mark and Twan,

In 2010 we started the World’s First Crowdfunded Fashion brand: YOUASME MEASYOU. We want to realise a closer connection between our designs and you, to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

This is expressed through the designs of our refined knitwear and jersey labels MEASYOU (men) and YOUASME (women).

Our aim is to slow down the speed at which we consume, choosing more aware for better quality and long lasting design.

In order to raise funding for the production of our 7th. collection for Fall/Winter 2014-2015 we now return to the community.

We made a whole list of perks for you to choose from so hopefully you’ll be able to support us.

We would really appreciate it!

Thank you!!

Mark & Twan

We, at Mimi Berlin, will be visiting the YOUASME-MEASYOU new collection presentation at the Frame Store at the Keizersgracht 324 in Amsterdam (saturday May 10, 13:00-18:00)

Please click the YOUASME-MEASYOU link for more information

Fuorisalone Milano 2014: Corso Como 9

Corso Como 9: Low Motion. Four Dutch designers teamed up to show in Milan during Fuori Salone at SPAZIOCORSOCOMO9 at the inner courtyard of Corso Como 9. Why did Geke Lensink, Jesse Visser, Thomas Eurlings and youasme measyou team up? ” What unites us is the aspiration to make products that transcend time and become part of your life.” We visited their exhibition yesterday and we were pleasantly surprised by a very calm and tranquil environment, we spent quite a long time amongst the designs. Milan design week is a bit of a circus you must know:  lot’s of lights, color and music, all very loud. The Low Motion show was the opposite of that, we came to rest amongst the products and really got to get to “meet” them properly. Quite a special experience we must say. We suggest a visit to Low Motion if you are in Milan this week (april 8-13 2014)


Salon at the Posthoorn Church

youasme black
: (fashion) installation by youasme-measyou

Salon at the Posthoorn Church: Twice a year SALON/ curates a fashion-meets-art-meets-design exhibition at various locations in Amsterdam. Mimi Berlin visited the Posthoorn Church location the other day. Dutch knitwear label “youasme” designed an installation for the Church Altar, it contains a movie of all sorts of explosions in black, accompanied by a retrospect of their garments in black. Fashion Designer Marleen Elenbaas also created a movie: “Optionals”, with parts of clothing and matching silhouettes of sewing patterns. We can try and describe these installations as good as we can but it’s always best you go an see for yourself, there is more on show through February 9, 2014. The Posthoorn church is newly renovated and that shows! It also has floor heating which is a nice bonus in Wintertime. This small church with it’s very high, neo-gothic, ceilings and lovely stained glass windows lies in the middle of a busy shopping street; de Haarlemmerstraat. The Posthoorn church is designed by architect Pierre Cuypers and was finished around 1861. (Mr Cuypers later also designed the Rijsmuseum and the Central Station in Amsterdam)

youasme measyou x blommers&schumm

The Social Show – The art of sharing

The photo’s above are details of portraits made by Blommers&Schumm and youasme measyou. The portraits are larger than life. The left has the portraits of how ‘the model’ sees him/herself, on the right wall the same, mirrored image, how we see this person. A very impressive show we must say. We didn’t shoot an overview of the gallery ’cause it will spoil the fun. You really have to visit the Torch Gallery in Amsterdam for yourself. It’s nice.

The bonus at Torch. On the right
Youasme’s Twan Janssen at work in the gallery.

This show will run until 22nd of December.
You can also visit Torch on 12-12-12 for The End of the World Sample Sale. The gallery will turn into a popop store on 19&20 December.


Goodmorning! It’s Sunday! We’re staying indoors for some recovery shopping. To be more specific: The collection for fall/winter 2012; ‘Recover’ by YOUASME.COM is on top of our list.

“Now more than ever we are looking for special products that tell a story so we can actually relate to them.

Things that we can cherish, that warm us and embrace us, give us shelter, inspired by the way vagabonds carry with them everything they need.” Youasme, 2012.

Collection fall/winter 2012
Photography: Blommers/Schumm
Styling: Lidewij Merckx
Models: Anine @ Paparazzi, Vic @ Ulla Models