The Beatles, A hard day’s night, 1964

The Beatles, A hard day’s night, 1964. One more gem from the attic. Just like our vinyl find The Beatles, Rubber Soul. A first pressing of a Beatles Record: A hard day’s night. dating from 1964! In Mono, yes MONO, printed on the corner of the laminated flipback sleeve. (yes we learned some new words in our search on the net for knowledge on things we own) Anyways, what a great record cover, it has twenty small black and white portraits of The Beatles, design simplicity in it’s finest hour!

A Hard Day’s Night, Parlophone, PMC 1230, July 10, 1964, mono. Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd.  or Ernest J.Day & Co. front laminated cover, with mid-sized “mono” on front. Tracing-paper-lined “Use Emitex” die-cut inner sleeve.
1. First pressing. July 10, 1964. Black label with yellow logo and silver print. “The Parlophone Co. Ltd.” printed at the start perimeter print. “Recording first published 1964″ and “Sold in U.K. subject…” text. Label have thin print. With or without KT tax code on the label. Matrix numbers: Side 1: XEX 481-3N; Side 2: XEX 482-3N.

Variation A. This type was chubby and rounded and only lasted a short time but as so many copies were pressed initially to satisfy the preorders, it is the style most commonly seen for this album.

Variation B. The title “Songs from the film A Hard Day’s Night” doesn’t take up as much width across the label as before or as it does in future. This variation is placed here as this smaller text may have been an experiment after the chubby text style was changed. This version has a few variants.

Variation C. This time the track listing style on both sides were rearranged to use the label space more effectively. This is most noticeable on side 2, where are the song titles and credits are written in four lines. This version of the label is later than the variants A and B.

We own Variation A, without the original inner sleeve. In very good condition. If you have interest in buying this album: We put it up for sale HERE

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