The Beatles, Rubber Soul, 1965

The Beatles “Rubber Soul” 1965. Well, look see what we found in the attic! A first pressing original sixties vinyl record album, Thanks to many record collector’s on the web we found out that this is a true gem. Collecting record albums is almost like collecting stamps. You must have knowledge and time, there are so many marks, numbers, odds and what have you not on a record and it’s sleeve, Where was the sleeve printed by whom etc. etc. We, at Mimi Berlin, dove (not too deep) in the subject of our Beatles records.

About The Beatles “Rubber Soul”
1.First “Loud Cut” pressing. December 3, 1965.
“Loud Cut” matrces: XEX 579-1 & XEX 580-1. When “Rubber Soul” was initially mixed it was slightly different to how we hear it today. These early mixes only ever appeared in mono and are distinguished by the matrix numbers XEX 579-1 / XEX 580-1 in the deadwax. It’s argued that these early presses were unbalanced with a muddy bass and with an edgy, aggressive vocal sound. Since these copies seemed to lack body the decision was made to halt production whilst the mother platess were re-cut. Black label with yellow logo and silver print. “The Gramophone Co. Ltd.” printed at the start perimeter print and “Sold in U.K. subject…” text. Tracing-paper-lined “Use Emitex” die-cut inner sleeve. With or without KT tax code on the label. “Loud Cut” copies can be found with both Times New Roman and Sans-serif label types, although Sans-serif is the more common and is likely to have continued production along with the Times New Roman issues.

Variation A. These are the early Sans-serif labels that tended to adorn the earlier “Loud Cut” copies of the album. Their distinguishing feature is that the * credit indicator on these labels are spaced away from the song title.

Variation B. At some point early on in the “Rubber Soul” pressing run, a Times New Roman font typeset was added to the label printing machines. It’s with this style that we find later “Loud Cut” presses (as determined by the stampers), almost all the transition presses of XEX 579-1 / XEX 580-4 or XEX 579-4 / XEX 580-1.


Okay, we own variation B. We found more records by the Beatles in the attic, another first UK pressing being “A Hard Day’s Night”
If you are interested in owning our Attic treasure: We put our Rubber Soul record up for sale HERE

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