Our Day is a good day when it becomes apparent to the world how important ‘fashion’ is. So yesterday we actually had a good one; thanks to the choice of footwear by the first lady of the USA. #shoegate

FLOTUS was wearing black patent reptile leather high heels by (supposedly) Manolo Blahnik. Nothing wrong with that, she always wears them, we hear you say. Well everything is wrong with that very poor desicion because she and her husband were visiting Corpus Christi in Texas, nearby the catastrophic situation caused by hurricane Harvey.

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The pumps caused a frenzy on the internet, in fact her entire outfit became a thing of importance. The fact that she changed into another outfit in the plane didn’t came unnoticed either. You would think it is a futile thing to talk about her shoes during this disaster but it’s not. It is safe to assume that her clothes are picked out meticulously by a team of stylists, after all Melania Trump communicates more through appearance rather than speech. For a trip to a disaster area ‘they’ chose to communicate being cute before being concerned (or anything else, like being helpful for instance.) Ms Trump’s look was so out there, that it stole the news from the devastation hurricane Harvey left behind.

Okay let us describe the outfits: Melania Trump came of the plane in Texas wearing a cap with FLOTUS embroidered on it, a crispy white shirt (collar upright, sleeves rolled up), black pants and brand new, whiter than white sneakers. In our opinion the sneakers are even worse than the high heels. Visiting a flooded area where nothing is white anymore; people, animals, homes, cars, streets for that matter; everything is grey and muddy, wearing impeccable white trainers is almost a sadistic gesture. Or was that maybe a way of communicating ‘Nurse’? (or ‘Tennis’ ’cause of they were Adidas Stan Smith’s)

The walk to the plane: Melania Trump looked stunning wearing a demure black pants outfit with a bomber jacket in army green. Since she was going to fly she wore her aviator sunglasses, so far, so good. The black high heels turned the outfit into something appropriate for a street-style image in a cheap fashion magazine though. (or a paparazzi photo-opp read more about that here on

The President and his wife didn’t visit the actual disaster area, the trainers are still white.

Tip from Mimi for Melania: Fire your stylists; they came up with this very superficial choice of ‘casualwear’. Just copy the previous first ladies (like you did Jacky Kennedy on the inauguration day) for appropriate and succesful dressing-up.

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