The Historialist knows about Italian Shoes

The Historialist knows about Italian Shoesplatforms 1973 Orsilvia_&_Stephy.jpeg
The Historialist is Milo Bandini & Irma Vivaldi’s workshop.

The Historialist’s starting point is the Italian footwear history with a closer look to Lombardy and the Parabiago-Milan area. Hence the Project SS33, a collection of information about the past of the footwear district spread along the Simplon axis. Anyone wishing to contribute to this research with articles, photos, memories, anecdotes will be welcome.
The recovery of forgotten/poorly remembered names, is not limited to geographical constraints: for instance the research for the Italian-French shoemaker André Perugia.
At The Historialist, footwear is just an excuse to talk about other topics: music, film, art, literature, news.


Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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