The houses of Barbi Benton

The Playboy  Mansion
The Magic mushroom house

“The house has an Aspen Colo profile and was built over several years beginning in 1973. The name of the house ‘Magic Mushroom House comes because of the decor, which includes rustic wood, moss rock and spider plants in macrame hangers.” via

The Copper Palace, Aspen, Colorado 1989-1993

George Gradow/Barbi Benton Residence. Built on a beautiful 40 acre site above Aspen, the Gradows wanted to build one structure that would provide space for their family, guests, entertaining on a large scale, office and work space, gymnasium and exercise pools. The structure steps down the hill in cantilevered sections which allow for views from all of the spaces in the house. Part of the program from the beginning was for me to design the spaces within which Barbi Benton could work out her ideas for interior design to complement the way they wanted to live in the house.” architect; Bart Prince