The Prefab Aliën Butterfly

We came up with a new project today: The Prefab Aliën Butterfly, it’s a video series. We started out by making the trailer. Have a look-see, what do you think?

The Prefab Aliën Butterfly – Part one; Travel

This video is about The Prefab Aliën Butterfly, a friendly Aliën from Outer Space. On her visits to Planet Earth she roams the sky, similar to a helicopter, in search of fun adventures.

About the character

The Prefab Aliën Butterfly (TPAB) is a character invented by Mimi Berlin, and created by Appdikted, he constructed The Prefab Aliën Butterfly out of ready-available gif’s, emoji’s, stickers, filters and what-have-you-not’s on the visual spectrum of the internet. TPAB is created with an empty, fresh computer. The only original features TPAB has are the nose, mouth and eyes.

Produced by MimiMovies

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