The Temporary Fashion Museum

The Temporary Fashion Museum

All you ever wanted to know about fashion; it’s ins and outs. International recent pret-a-porter, how it feels to wear high heels, collecting and buying (vintage) couture, history; how Dutch people handled fashion,  d.i.y., recycling, production processes and knowledge on waste produced in the fashion industry, the making of fashion icons and more background information trough interviews, movies, tours and workshops. The exhibition is partly permanent; view the Temporary Fashion Museum site for changes and information. Open from September 13, 2015 through May 8, 2016 at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.

The exhibition is spread out over the entire building, which is 3 stories high. The ground floor is reserved for the “pretty side” of the fashion industry; clothes, accessories, history and marketing. The most “ugly side” of the fashion industry is situated on the top floor; facts on over-production, pollution etc. caused by the fashion industry are visualized by Conny Groenewegen. Conny’s project “Fashion Data” explores the recycling process of fleece garments; paraphrasing the actual recycling process in order to create a new product; hand-knitted wall tapestries, made on the spot. The second floor is reserved for the “Hacked Store” which shows the in-between pretty and ugly side of fashion (more on that later on this blog)

Be sure to take your time when visiting; Unlike your average fashion exhibition the information doesn’t come in a visual manner only, there’s lots of reading to do as well.

Clickettyclick HERE for Mimi Berlin’s Party Snaps made at the opening of this exhibition

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