The Zipper: fashionfix winter 2011/2012

Legpeep with zippers at Alexander Mqueen/Paris.Shoulderpeep with zipper at Akris/Paris
 Zip-off at MUS/Paris (via ASVOF) and at Akris/Paris. I’ve seen many more coats with this square zip-off concept, but I forgot were……
Rock-Zippers at Rick Owens/Paris and at Junya Watanabe/Paris

Curly Zippers at Steffie Christiaens/Paris. Zippery dress at Alexander Mqueen/Paris. And again, I’ve seen many more garments with this (curly) concept, but I forgot were……
I selected these photo’s to state a trend. I don’t necessarily find all the fashion marvelous. But I certainly have an affection, one way or the other, with everything I post. I will be updating these posts until the end of Paris fashion week. xoxo MimiAll Photo’s from, unless noted otherwise

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