This is how we do it; Exhibition JW Kaldenbach

At the Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam, Exhibition; JW Kaldenbach’s photo reportage on the sculpture route ‘ArtZuid’, 2011. The vernissage took place in August 2011, I forgot all about the snaps I made……

I never named names, but I was advised, by people who know about these things, that it’s more fun if I do tell who’s in the picture. But then again, do I also write what they do (for a living)? What the heck, I will!

Harmen Roeland, reporter. JW Kaldenbach, photographer.
Ellen and Roberto Meijer, wife and architect.
Mr Taco Stuiver, hairstylist.
Mr Jan Cremer, artist and Mr JW Kaldenbach, photographer.

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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