TRINHBECX Show at the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week


Dutch fashion designduo TRINHBECX showed the ‘Talking Trash Show’ last friday. It’s the newest collection for the TB19 season. The location was apropriate; Afvalpunt Oost (That’s the name of the place were you can dump your garbage in Amsterdam)

In collaboration with Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, TRINHBECX had the opportunity to work with companies that offer a sustainable alternatives to existing materials such as leather and cotton. Materials like viscose developed from coffee grounds, leather created from plant cells, buttons that are made from fruit waste, in combination with textile surpluses.

(imagecredits: Mimi Berlin Blogger Team)

As always, TRINHBECX showed well proportioned garments, including their signature bold detailing, we especially fancied the strong silhouettes. This collection can be seen as “a playful patch-work-story in a miss-match of materials with graphic lines and quirky (de)constructions.”

Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

TRINHBECX (@trinhbecx) was the closing show of the fifth edition of the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week. (@dsfw) Cecile Scheele is the founder and creative director of the sustainable fashion platform. DSFW is not only a fashion week, no, it’s also a platform for sustainabe fashion in general. The site is filled with tips on how to stay aware of the environmetal issues the fashion-industry can cause. We, at Mimi Berlin, feel that they target a young audience: that’s a good thing!

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