HKU Graduation Fashion Show 2014

HKU Graduation Fashion Show 2014: Yesterday we visited Utrecht to see the fashion design graduation show, 15 students showed their final collections. Most of the students seem to have a favor for strong and bold silhouettes, simple “clean-cut” shapes and color- and fabric blocking; The show opened with humor. Fashion communication graduate Anne Bekkanutte showed 3 large geometric shapes made from felted fabric. The show ended with the collection “habitat” by Eva Pool, she designed tops (a.o) with round shapes and large square shaped “umbrella-tents” with just enough detailing. Anita de Groot and Sophie Dierssen added depth to their designs by using draping/moulage. So did Rosa Immers, her collection was named “Apply Focus” and she did; Rosa focused on stripes and played with fabric directions and coupe, she created an interesting collection (in our opinion). Saba Tark and Joëlle Baten designed their own fabrics, the fabrics had a “knitwear feel”to them. Joelle Baten designed outrageous fabrics with woolen threads which she placed in different directions, creating a macramé effect. Saba Stark designed fabrics with an ingenious 3-dimensional quality to them, some were inspired by waffle cloth, all her fabrics seemed knitted but all are woven. She added embellishment in the form of stones. Saba is selected for the Frans Molenaar Prijs this year.
We always have a great time at graduation shows, and this one was no exception! The graduation exhibition by the fashion communication students was open after the show (See more of that HERE)

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