Velero by Jef Montes

Velero by Jef Montes

Yesterday we visited the fashion show by Jef Montes. He presented his latest collection for Summer 2015 named Velero. Montes was inspired by the construction of  sailboats and it’s materials. For this collection he made use of fabrics containing fiberglass, carbon, aramid, brass and nylon (next to more common silk,wool, viscose and cotton). The fascination for sailboats came at an early age for Jef Montes thanks to his grandfather, he is an old fisherman who makes miniature boats.
The silhouettes are based on contours of the ships. The shapes seem to move like a ship in a storm: angular and organic at the same time – inspired by the fight between machine and nature. Jef Montes has further developed his earlier, characteristic silhouettes in which the tension between symmetry and asymmetry is clearly visible. In addition, the silhouettes mostly derive from the character of the materials, which were developed by Jef Montes himself at the TextielLab in Tilburg.
In a nutshell: (best see for yourself above)
The show started with an outfit in a fabric which half dissolved in water, and ended in a tableaux vivant or exhibition. Altogether a wonderful show! (photography JW Kaldenbach) For more pictures go HERE

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