Vintage Spray Cans

Whatever happened to the ozone Layer you ask of us? Well, we came across so many ads for spray cans, all kinds for numerous purposes. Obviously in the seventies a spray can was THE thing to use, from top to bottom.

Okay, it starts with Wella hairspray…..

What is this, you ask of us? It’s Goddard’s dry clean spray.
Femfresh, silky soft vaginal deodorant. Love them knickers, sooo romantic.
Foot spray, works through stockings.(Photo’s above are taken by Mimi Berlin from British Vogue Magazine (1968)

And more hygiene spray; Easy Day from 1972 (photo via Christian Montobe flickriver)

Lysol disinfectant Spray, 1979 
(via found in mum’s basement)

MCS, Mail Comfort Spray. 
(From; The Male Mystique: Men’s Magazine Ads of the 1960s and ’70s by Jacques Boyreau. ISBN:9780811841283) (via)

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