Virtual fittingroom

Magic Mirrors
“In 2009 Macy*s New York unveiled the “Magic Fitting Room.” It’s a 72-inch mirror display fitted with an iPad interface that will allow users to superimpose a variety of clothes on the viewer, without ever having to remove so much as a sock”.(via)
 I guess this doesn’t exist anymore nowadays, it’s nowhere to be found on the Macy*s site. Was it just a gadget?
Yes it was, the principle still exists but is still in an early stage. There are many other forms to be found though.
Zugara’s solution is the Webcam Social Shopper. It is equally appealing in principle, and disappointing in practice. It will work for anyone with a webcam-enabled PC. Visit a partner retailer’s website, hit a button to try on apparel and see first-hand if a style is right for you. You can also snap a photo and share it on social networks to solicit feedback from friends”.

dressesFaceCake’s amazing technology allows you to give yourself a complete cosmetic makeover, go from being a blonde to a redhead, visualize yourself losing weight, see your home in a rainbow of colors, purchase accessories for your pets, or try a cosmetic procedure with just a simple click. Just upload your image and you can “try on” a product, or “try out” a service without ever leaving home in a photo-realistic manner that’s the next best thing to driving to the store or doctor.”(via) Hmm.. well, I haven’t tried this yet. Maybe if you do, please do share !Polyvore On several blogs I often see collages made with polyvore this is a site were you can make sets and combinations (clothing, interior) which you can share trough several social media. This is a fun way to show your friends what you are planning to buy.

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