Visit Mimi Berlin at The Gem Kingdom……

Visit Mimi Berlin at The Gem Kingdom……

Gem Kingdom regularly gives artists and designers the opportunity to use the shop window of the Gem Kingdom store as a platform.
The 6th exposition, is by Mimi Berlin. Berlin’s Dream-Homes/Traumhäuser will be showcased at the Christmas window of the Gem Kingdom Flagstore in Amsterdam from 10/12/11 trough 11/01/12.

More of Mimi Berlin’s Dream-Homes/Traumhäuser

Below the previous windows designed for The Gem Kingdom.

Sjoerd Vroonland, July 2010

‘Bebe’ flower sculpture by Andreas Verheijen, August 2010

‘Still life’, by Riette Wanders, September 2010 (via)

Left Shopwindow, rightside ‘souvenir Heroic Failure’ (available at the Gem Kingdom Flagstore) by Jozef Van Der Heijden, December 2010.

Window by X+L, September 2011

‘Army of Lovers’ by Marieke Hulsegge, October 2011


Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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