Vrijstaat by Atelier Joep van Lieshout

Atelier Joep van Lieshout is on exhibit at Kasteel Keukenhof (Castle Keukenhof) in Lisse, The Netherlands. The work by Joep van Lieshout is mainly to be viewed in the magnificant park which surrounds the Castle. Large sculptures made from his “signature material” polyester can be seen scattered through the park, while strolling you pass by huge polyester bodyparts, intestines, imaginary houses, farms and machines. In the actual barns, which are still on the castle premises, Mr van Lieshout created 2 worlds named “Technocrat” and “Cradle to Cradle”. These installations seemed to us like a protest on the meat-industry, but that’s just us; read a more elaborate and educated review by Edo Dijksterhuis HERE. Inside the castle the ceramic serverware, which was designed for the board room of SlaveCity (a dystopian metropolis which van Lieshout began to develop in 2005.) are on show. The plates are illustrated with scenes from different departments in SlaveCity, such as Human Resources department, Energy production department, Motivation and relaxation department and Organ transplant department. The plates gave us the same uncomfortable feeling as the rest of the exhibition but we do suggest you go visit, it’s certainly worth a while. Visit when there is no rain and bring your dog if you have one, they are allowed in the park. You can see Vrijstaat by Atelier van Lieshout till October 19, 2014 (Tuesday/Sunday 11:00 – 17:00 hrs)

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