Wall of Dolls Milan

Wall of Dolls Milan / Il Muro delle Bambole

The ‘Muro delle Bambole’ is a protest, or a way to highlight violence towards/killing of women: that’s femicide in one word. The Wall of Dolls Milan can be found outside, in the Via De Amicis 2. It’s a very grim and gloomy installation of a collection, with maybe hunderds of dolls: tattered, dirty and grey (because they’ve been outside since 2015) they hang from a metal rack.

Amongst the dolls are posters which explain what you’re looking at, images of women who died and also some dried out flowers. So we guess it became a monument as well to remember the female victims of (domestic) violence.

The initator of these walls, which are scattered througout Italy, is Italian TV host Jo Squillo,  she works with the organization ‘WeWorld’ in Italy.

WeWorld in Italy

“Also in our country persist situation of economic, social and political exclusion where women doesn’t have same opportunities as men. Moreover also in Italy like worldwide , domestic violence is not at all eradicated from our society and produces severe suffering.
In Italy we promote women equal opportunities and services to prevent and combat violence against women fostering their economic, social and educational inclusion. We help women having suffered some kind of violence in cooperation with health services, hospital and association network. Being the violence a social problem we promote surveys to raise awareness of public opinion and institution’s political activity.” (read more weworld.it)

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