Machteld Schouten

Machteld Schouten

Machteld Schouten: artist, based in Amsterdam, began her career 25 years ago as a fashion designer, the field she studied at the prestigious Artez University of the Arts in Arnhem. She recently returned to the insitute as a part-time professor, joyfully sharing her experience and talent with the latest generation of fashion students from allover the world. There is more to the talent of Ms. Schouten. We invite you to view the showcase of some of her other creative artworks and illustrations.

Handpainted Murals

A selection of her latest murals

A word about Machteld Schouten:

Personal Pet Portrait Scarf Project
The Personal Pet Portrait Scarf Project aren’t just scarves, no: they are bespoke treasures in which your pet has the main role. Machteld Schouten will paint a realistic portrait of your pet, inlcuding his or hers personal accessories (like toys, a leash or treats) with acrylics on canvas. The design for the carreés; the embellished trims, colorscheme and your pet’s name is also from Schouten’s hand, matched to the portrait.

The final design for the scarf is digitally printed on a 100% natural cloth of your choice and will be wrapped in a deluxe giftbox. That’s not all. If you place an order, for yourself or to gift to a friend; you’ll receive the original painting as well. A Personal Pet Portrait scarf will keep your pet close to your heart forever.

A Personal Pet Portrait scarf is made to order only.

Fashion Illustrations

A selection of the latest illustrations.