Xuly Bët

Do you remember Xuly Bët? The fashion label Xuly Bët by Lamine Badian Kouyaté was a HOT label back in the ninetees of the previous century. The recycling of clothes was the hottest thing happening back then, imagine: Wall Street (the movie) was very mainstream. The Xuly Bët collection has been awarded with the Creator of the Year award by the New York Times in 1994 and received the ANDAM award in 1996. The collection was also a part of the Africa 2005 exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Xuly Bet’s clothes also reminded us of the work by artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Today you can buy the Xuly Bet collection online but it has a different vibe now, it seems a bit cheap and uninteresting (That same kind of change that happened to our once favorite brand Fiorruci) (Images courtesy of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology)

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