Groundfloor; Mysterious Blacked-out room…
filled with fragile embroideries on organza. Dark but sweet.

 Desiree Hammen with her embroideries.
17 th Century Coach House (with creepy vibe)

Breathing Lady by Freudenthal/Verhagen
Dresses by Marcha Hüskes
Movie projected with beamer on 17th century door with 16mm sound by Koen Hauser
Stairway: Lovely series by Jozef van der Heijden
Upstairs; and then there was light….


Alet Pilon “bend over” legs on conference table. Can’t help it, the sockets on the table make my imagination run wild.
I was told that these photo’s are saved test polaroids by photographers Blommers/Schumm Model in all pictures is Niels Schumm. Liked that very much!
Upstairs: Claes Iversen‘s corsets
Upstairs: Mimicry; Cutie (wearing socks designed by Antoine Peters for Effio) in front of stunning wall by Erik Odijk which is part of the Frankendaal collection

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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