Wonderful Things from Tim Walker

Wonderful Things

We, Mimi Blogger Team, visited the Tim Walker exhibition ‘Wonderful Things’ at the V&A museum in London the other day (the exhibition ran from 21 September 2019 to 22 March 2020). We are fans of the photographer Tim Walker, so we simply had to come to London all the way from Amsterdam.
As always, we took pictures for you, who couldn’t be there.


The first room, at the start of the exhibition, is filled with work made for fashion magazines. Hence the dripping ‘gloss’ from the ceiling we guess.


We imagined that there were a lot of props on exhibit. But there were not as many as the previous exhibit ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ that we visited in Den Bosch. This show was more about Tim Walker himself, his inspiration sources and likes, including an overview of all (well, most in a nutshell) his work. His photo’s are divided into themes which are placed in different rooms, or rather compartments, along with paintings, drawing and artifacts from the V&A museum. The exhibition is set by Shona Heath, of course, who else!

The Nude Chapel

For example The ‘Nude Chapel’ is set in a beige or nude color with rubber curtains and bordello-like lamps, as you can see below. Beth Ditto painted in Pink was one of our favorite images, maybe because we’ve never seen it before.

Upon entering the ‘Pink Flowers’ space we got treated with an instagram moment: a petite chair, we missed out on the ‘disproportional’ opportunity though, because a small child had planted herself on that bench.

Inspired by Aubrey Beardsey

Pink Flowers

“Ten major new photographic projects, directly influenced by treasures in the V&A’s vast collection, sit centre stage in a series of immersive, fantastical worlds.
In preparation for this exhibition, photographer Tim Walker visited the V&A’s object stores and conservation studios, meeting many of the museum’s curators, conservators and technicians. He scoured the 145 public galleries, scaled the roof of the 12-acre South Kensington site, and explored the labyrinth of Victorian passages below ground level. Along the way, he encountered luminous stained-glass windows, vivid Indian miniature paintings, jewelled snuffboxes, erotic illustrations, golden shoes, and a 65-metre-long photograph of the Bayeux Tapestry, the largest photograph in the museum’s collection. These and many other rare artefacts have inspired Walker’s monumental new photographs, and feature in the exhibition designed by leading British creative, Shona Heath.”

V&A Museum

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