Yeezy Season 2

Yeezy Season 2

Comments on social media on the Yeezy x Adidas (shoe) collection for Spring/Summer 2016, presented at New York Fashion week, are downright Nasty! The comments range from the “Emperor’s Clothes”, “Gap meets Good-Will Industries…?” to “Is Kanye about to outfit an army of Tusken Raiders?”, the latter is the most used visual comment, it’s meant to ridicule the fashion show. Par Accident these fashion-illiterates on the net made a fashionable equation; comparing the second Yeezy collection with the epic Star Wars movies isn’t such a bad thing, au contraire; we could have come up with that ourselves! But we didn’t.
And now we are stuck with the image of Jedi Masters and Tuscan Raiders…..So all we can say is that we, at Mimi Berlin, actually like the collection designed by Kanye West, the clothes and colors make the boys and girls look handsome.
Are we the only ones with a more positive reaction to this collection?

See those comments made on the net gathered HERE at
and on Oh, also it was compared with the way homeless people look…..just like the First Yeezy Collection was.

(images by Provided via hypebeast and uk.complex)

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