19th Century Tatouages by Sutherland Macdonald

19th Century Tatouages by Sutherland Macdonald

This image is so pretty, and it comes with a story too: read that by clicking the ‘mymodernmet.com’ link below. But, in a nutshell, it says that Sutherland Macdonald was named the first professional tattoo artist in England, he was operating a tattoo parlour out of London’s Turkish Bath in 1889. We, at Mimi Berlin, think it looks very, very beautiful!19th Century Tattouages by Sutherland Macdonald(image via mymodernmet.com)

“in Victorian England, Sutherland Macdonald stands out as the country’s first professional tattoo artist. After James Cook‘s trip to the South Pacific, where the crew was exposed to Polynesian inking culture, tattoos began to trickle into society, growing in popularity through the years. For his part, Macdonald was said to have been exposed to tattooing in the 1880s while with the British Army.” (read more at mymodernmet.com/)

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