The Andaz Hotel Amsterdam

We attended the launch of the 10th issue of NRC DeLuxe magazine, this soiree was held at the Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam. The hotel (opened october 2012) is designed by Marcel Wanders, you would think this is a Boutique Hotel, but it’s an experience, according to the Andaz/Hyatt website. Everywhere your eyes wander they meet (Dutch) design and yes, that’s quite an experience.
It’s overwhelming, above the registration area with 3 huge (christmas?) bells filled with glittering chandeliers above the “desks”IMG_0108
The main lobby has an open plan filled with lights and elevators. The main theme in this hotel is Holland: red, white and blue, tulips, dutch tiles, the red light district etc. Are these walls the work of the Dutch artist Hugo Kaagman?
Behind the registration tables; a huge cupboard filled with Dutch Design allsorts. On the left, next to the red vase; a quirky photo of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (she’ll be princess from April 30th 2013) The black lamp is from moooi designed by Nika Zupanc.
The carpet is dutch-themed as well: A mix of Delft Blue patterns and the sailing routes from the Golden Age  (this info is from the top of our heads, do not quote without checking)IMG_0113
The view from the lobby into the restaurant, notice the big spoon shape hidden in a pattern of blue and white Dutch tile like pattern. IMG_0106
Tulip shaped chairs.IMG_0107
The restroom area with an intimate red-light-district (one of Amsterdam’s main attractions)
feel to it.

We came for the launch of the fashion issue of NRC DeLuxe magazine remember? So we had to walk through the garden to the Andaz Studio’s situated in the Keizersgracht building.
The painted wall belongs to the neighbours, it’s an eyecatcher!IMG_0043
Modern and funny statues in the garden of the Andaz hotel.
The Andaz Studio’s situated in the Keizersgracht building.
Ms Edelkoort was interviewed by Monique Snoeijen

Peter Vandermeersch, editor in chief of NRC Handelsblad with, in the middle Ms Edelkoort, trend forecaster and chief editor of DeLuxe magazine Monique Snoeijen. Ms Edelkoort guest curated this fashion issue (#10, March 2013) You can find more pictures taken at this soiree via our Party Page.
The Andaz Studio’s treat the eye to more rest, in comparison with the main building that is.
What a nice surprise, Mr Wanders himself walked into the hotel just as we left! Thank you for taking time to pose for us Mr Wanders, xoxo Horst Berlin

We had a lovely time! Thanks for inviting us NRC.

Hotel The Exchange, Amsterdam.

“Hotel The Exchange is a hotel with a special love of fashion. Students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute dressed the rooms like models on the catwalk. The result: a hotel where architecture meets fashion.” (hotelsite)
The Exchange has 61 rooms, I got a tour around the hotel to see some of them. Designer duo Ina-Matt were responsible for the interior design of the hotel and have managed the AMFI students who fitted out some the rooms.

Elevator interior, fabric designed by Ina-Matt
Crisp, white cotton sheets and pillows in every room.(Room by Ina-Matt)
All the bathrooms have tiles by Mosa. This room is completely tiled by Mosa, in a custom made design.
(Room by Ina-Matt)

Every room is fitted with a safe (which fits your 17″ labtop) in some rooms it doubles as a sidetable. At least one design-item is present in all rooms, for sale at Options, the hotel shop.

The room numbers are designed by Ina-Matt, and woven by textiellab.
A very crisp room by Ina-Matt, with fabric placed in embroidery frames. Remember, all these fabrics can be bought at Options, the hotelshop.
3 star room with balcony. The walls are decorated with a thick yarn, tacked to the wall in an ‘Amsterdam skyline’ shape by
AMFI student

A 26″ flatscreen television, in every room.
What looks like tent-fabric from North Africa is actually a digital print made with the view you have from this 4 star room. Made by AMFI student Anne Wolters.

This one of three Lobby’s. 
The furniture is literally ‘dressed up’ a similar hotelroom can be booked as well.

‘Wall Flower’ room, 3 stars, by AMFI student Iris Kloppenburg . The “wallflowers” are made with paper, very pretty but vulnerable, I wonder what this room looks like after it’s been fully booked for a month…The bedlight, and wooden hooks can be found in all rooms(for sale at Options, the hotelshop).
‘Crinoline’ room, 3 stars. Photo is taken from the foot-end of the double bed. A virginal, white room. You sleep underneath the antique lace fabric. The ‘skirt’ can be pulled up with the string in the middle, so you can watch TV freely. I was told you can sit on the ceiling beams, if you can, or want. By AMFI student Sofie Sleumer

3 stars, a very romantic room by AMFI student Juanita Koerts.

I was taken by surprise each time a door was opened for me, it was great fun! All rooms have their own personality and are made with an eye for detail.
From a design point of view this has hotel has got two faces; minimalistic and romantic. When booking a room decide what you want and ask for it…Otherwise you may end up in the wrong mood for your business meetings…..
From a traveler’s point of view this hotel is basic, if not spartan-like, every room is utilized with a double sized bed, safe, tv, phone, clothes rack, a chair and a(side)table. Period, that’s it, no luxury. The bathrooms are okay, but again, simple with no extra’s considering comfort (no blow dryer.)-Horst Berlin

Horst in Istanbul

Hello Mimi Fans von allover the World,
I was tired of all the Asian food and thought why not go a combination of Middle Eastern & Western influences.. so I took my jet to Istanbul! This time I chose a wonderful design boutique hotel: Bentley; the interior is modern in nice colors, but most important it is literally next to Nişantaşı -one of the hippest & exclusive areas of Istanbul!! Schade dass the Lobby Bar schon am 11 Uhr geschlussen ist…
Liebe Gr aus Isanbul ♥ Horsthorst_berlin_hotel_istanbul-8

outside- small boutique hotel

clean reception deskhorst_berlin_hotel_istanbul-1
Lobby-Bar; when waiting for your driver 🙂

entrance lobby : with view on breakfast restaurant upstairs: toll nahhorst_berlin_hotel_istanbul-2
small library @ lobby when you are waiting for your driver horst_berlin_hotel_istanbul-3
nice design sofa’s in very classy colors: I like shiny floors:)

Der Horst im Stockholm

Hur mår du? Mimi Fans von allover the World?? I spend a wonderful weekend in Stockholm in one of the newest and hippest hotels in Stockholm: Nobis! It is truly wunderbar: nice clean Scandinavian Design, situated next to the pilot store of Acne!! and very close to other chique shops and clubs, there is a FLATSCREEN in the room and there is an I pad available in the rooms…I love stockholm and its beautiful fashionable men.. and women ♥ Horst255637_219446504755819_3379067_n
Hotel is on Norrmalmstorg: verrry good location for shopping 🙂255171_219446368089166_3013604_n
Beautiful inside patio with LOTS of designer furniture 🙂251314_219446564755813_7884848_n
Beautiful ceiling in Patio….260454_219446434755826_3691801_n
Gold Bar for excellent expensive cocktails ^^
254447_219446638089139_859955_nModern Lobby…no shiny floors though 🙁
247826_219446701422466_8076673_noutside lounge…. for more cold drinksss
(All Photo’s by Horst Berlin)

Hotel George

Hello Mimi Fans !! Hier ist Horst wieder, now im Hamburg, I left trendy Berlin for the more conservative Hamburg, no it is not as boring as many think.. it has many nice houses, culture and trendy restaurants. Hotel George is a Boutique hotel and offers clean & nice design rooms..and people also speak English.:) ♥ Horst164802_186054764761660_1671323_n
dessssiiiign hall…. 165166_186054871428316_5301357_n
Beautiful roof terrace… nice for summer cocktails 166650_186054444761692_380657_n
design wallpaper -flatscreen TV:) 166839_186054651428338_3666834_n
trendy breakfast room 180067_186054321428371_2252410_n
Nice diagonal decoration of bed. (all photo’s by Horst Berlin)