Mimi Berlin presents Everything but the Kitchen Sink exhibition in Amsterdam

Mimi Berlin’s Everything but the Kitchen Sink on exhibit in Amsterdam

Mimi Berlin’s work is on exhibit 26 and 27 of August 2023 during the IJKC pop-up group show at NDSM Fuse in Amsterdam. Everything but the Kitchen Sink is the title of the portrait series made by us, at Mimi Berlin. All these portraits are contstructed with plastic. Discarded plastic, early plastics….from Tupperware to…..well, everything but the kitchen sink.

About IJKC

Het IJ Kunst Collectief (IJKC) organiseert pop-up groepsexposities in Amsterdam-Noord waarbij per editie een groep van veertig makers uit de vrije en toegepaste kunst de mogelijkheid wordt geboden om hun werk te presenteren aan een groot publiek. De groep kunstenaars en designers – waarvan een deel woont én werkt in Noord – varieert per editie en er wordt steeds gezocht naar nieuwe deelnemers voor de komende exposities.


NDSM FUSE is bereikbaar met de pont vanaf Amsterdam Centraal station en met de auto, er zijn parkeer plaatsen
Adres: NDSM-plein 29, 1033 WC Amsterdam

Yellow Robot Girl

Yellow Robot Girl

Yellow Robot Girl is the title of this plastic doll, she doubles as a music box. By pulling the yellow bead on the bottom of her body, between her legs, a musicbox will be playing a tune.

Yellow Robot Girl

A Robot Not a Toy

We, at Mimi Berlin understand fully that this plastic doll will look great in a nursery, but: this is not a toy and the robot girl can’t be operated by children!

please click the “read more” link below to see her in action and get more info!

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You Can’t Sit With Us

You Can’t Sit With Us Music Doll

The title of this plastic doll is; You can’t sit with us. Why, you ask of us at Mimi Berlin? Well, obviously this doll is holding two chairs; one for her friend Elise and one for herself. We know she keeps a chair for Elise because of the tune she’s able to play. By pulling the thingy on the bottom of her body, between her legs, a musicbox will be playing Beethoven’s Bagatelle nr. 25 in a-minor, WoO 59, commonly known as Für Elise

pink doll
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The Prefab Aliën Butterfly

Prefab Aliën

Mimi Berlin came up with a new project today and named it; The Prefab Aliën Butterfly. This is a video series. We started out by making the trailer. Have a look-see, and let us know what you think?

The Prefab Aliën Butterfly – Part one; Travel

This video is about The Prefab Aliën Butterfly which is a friendly Aliën from Outer Space. On her visits to Planet Earth she roams the sky, similar to a helicopter, in search of fun adventures. And she will find a lot. Stay tuned, why don’t you.

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Pinkish Plastic Objects. Assemblies by Mimi Berlin

Pinkish plastics

We present: a pinkish doll and a face.
We also created a short (mimi) movie in hard pastels: Adult Lifestyle. Make sure to watch and see what you think about that one!!

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