Fuorisalone 2015: Atelier Clerici

Fuorisalone 2015: Atelier Clerici

Atelier Clerici is an independent event and exhibition project at the centre of the Fuorisalone 2015. Situated in one of Milan’s most distinguished palazzi, Palazzo Clerici, it will bring together designers, companies and institutions experimenting with new forms of living and making. In 2015, the historic Palazzo Clerici will be transformed, for the second time, into a point of intense activity, speculation and discussion around future conditions of living. A diverse array of installations, micro-exhibitions and events organised by some of Europe’s most renowned designers and institutions will animate the palazzo each day for the duration of the Salone.

PROOFFLab Magazine presents: essayists versus designers. PROOFFLab is the laboratory of PROOFF, which stands for PROgressive OFFice, is an innovation platform for the development of ideas and special products for a communal, flexible work landscape. Directors Jurgen Bey and Rianne Makkink regularly select study subjects related to work, that form the basis for product development by our Studio Makkink & Bey team of designers. As a team, we theorize, outline and model design specials that fit into the domain of work.

MANIERA presents Maniera Series and Maniera Interludes by Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen, Studio Anne Holtrop, Christoph Hefti, Richard Venlet and 6a architects. Maniera commissions architects and artists to develop both new and unique pieces of furniture. As architects often have a close relationship with the visual arts and artists are often inspired by the spatial environment, MANIERA wants to give them the challenge and opportunity of designing original furniture objects. The idea behind this is to see how they create something new in a limited edition in an original and creative way.

; Of Instruments and Archetypes. A range of wireless digital measuring instruments; a calliper, measuring tape and protractor. Measurements of physical objects are transferred in realtime to an on-screen digital 3d model on which it needs to fit. Through this project, measuring becomes something without numbers, but with accurate precision; measuring becomes making. These instruments can then be used in an application where archetypical, parametric objects can be customised with exact measurements and materialised by digital production techniques such as 3D printing.

Space Caviar. Atelier Clerici is jointly organised by Space Caviar and Z33. RAM House, a collaboration between Space Caviar and Prokoss, questions the default settings on our relationship with technology and allows the house to adopt different permeabilities to electromagnetic radiation, thus controlling the entry and exit of WiFi, cellular signals, and other radio waves.

Jesse Howard, MacGuffin, Minale-Maeda, OpenDesk, Unfold, Vincent Tarisien, Chris Kabel

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