Colorful Bears by Paola Pivi

Colorful Bears by Paola Pivi

These colorful bears, made of feathers, were on show in 2013 at the galerie Perrotin in New York. At first sight they look cute, almost like Pinata’s but when seeing these sculptures up close they gave us a horrible feeling…check it out. See if you feel the same. Paola Pivi site.

Happy colors horrible feeling….

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In the Living Room

Things you can do in the living room. You can put on some bunny ears and pose with the taxidermy, or you can also do a handstand, why not?tumblr_mp9gfeXwKZ1rojphdo1_500
“KODIAK AND POLAR BEAR. Taken by W. M. Hollinger and son, Franklin, at Point Barrow, Alaska (via bad post cards)
image by Ana Kras in synonym via Post-patternism